Meeting Nice People and Looking Around

April 24, 2010

The week seemed to fly past and once again we were at the CNN meeting with Nicole the CNN Producer.  Hibiscus, Ed, Latok, Kiko, Ernest, Vickie and Kake, who I hadn’t seen for a little while, were all there.  Kiko had been writing interesting articles about Geisha’s in SL and Nicole thought it would be a good idea if we all travelled over to see the sim, Little Yoshiwara for ourselves.  It was quite a party as the kind ladies of the sim showed us around, we were invited into the tea rooms to listen and ask questions about the Geisha customs.

Later in the week I went off exploring and landed in a romantic sim called the Duche de Coeur, it’s a really nice 17th Century village and just as I started to look around I met Charles Bamboo who came over to say hello.  Charles looked very handsome in his baroque outfit and he told me that he lived in the sim with his wife Summer Serendipity.  Charles was very happy to be part of the community there, and he showed me his blog which included a lovely film of him and Summer.  Summer joined us and I was stunned by her beauty, she had the most gorgeous dress, and her hair was amazing.  I asked if I could take some pictures of them and they said I could.  Charles asked me to come back and visit their house and I will be pleased to accept the invitation. Nice to meet you Charles and Summer!

I had a message from Headburro and he told me about his new log cabin he had built, and going by the pictures he sent me, it looked great, I always thought Head would be a brilliant builder and I don’t think I’m wrong!!  I met up with Drax and we decided to go over and look at  Steelhead near where Head lives.  It is a very nice sim, with lots of places to explore.  We actually landed near Head’s cabin and it was very picturesque, nestling into the hillside near a fast running river.  We will wait to meet up with Head and ask him to give us a grand tour if thats ok by him.

Finally my good friend Eliza popped into our London shop and it was nice to see her, Eliza is expecting a baby and looked very pretty with her little bump.  Congratulations Eliza, you will make a lovely SL Mum!!


Finding Time, Too Much Going On!!

April 20, 2010

Time is a big enemy at the moment, what with real life things and lots going on in SL, it’s all been a bit crazy.  I have expanded Virtually London (lite) to cover other London sims and places all over the grid, there are a lot of lovely people out there doing amazing London projects.  The New London Village which has a Dr Who theme is a gem, they really work hard at making it all exciting for everyone and the Whitechapel 1888 sim is great, recalling life and times on the Victorian Streets around the Jack the Ripper time.  It’s a lot of fun going out exploring and meeting lots of new people.  I dropped into the Fantasy Faire yesterday and got talking to one of the designers and ended up putting an article on Our Virtual Trilogy there and then, so you can never tell when a story is waiting for you to arrive.  I also passed through a combat sim and talked to the guy there, so I will go back to do a story on that, hopefully within the next few days.  I had a call from a lovely lady, fellow CNN writer AvaJean about the theatre group she belongs to, so I went over with Drax for a meeting with her and JubJub to talk about coming events and I am hoping to get that written up very soon too.  I have to catch up with xstorm and Patsy to visit their sim and it’s all exciting but all a bit of a rush at the moment.  To make matters worse I am interested in the general election and there is an election HQ in virtual Kensington which Kirland Coba has opened right next to my shop, maybe I will just have to give up real life for a while, hehe.

I do make time to go and have fun though, Drax, Hib and Ed and me dropped into the West End club and had a great night as they were doing a cowboys theme.  Drax had the bright idea about getting his horse out and line dancing with it, I followed him and got out my Arabian stallion and we were quite in sync with the horses following all the steps, it was a real laugh!!

Drax’s New Home in the Sky!

April 12, 2010

Brie and Seany opened their new sim and they are getting on a treat, Clive is doing the building there and they are up and running with lots of shops already occupied and the West End Club is already a hot favourite.  Brie called me over to look at some Skybox apartments that her and Seany planned to install, I called Hibiscus and Ed to have a look too and Pink and Clive also joined us. 

The first one we looked in was absolutely gorgeous, Brie has such good designing skills and her choice of furniture and colours are brilliant.

I made myself at home on the sofa in front of the roaring fire while the others looked around, the bedroom upstairs was equally beautiful and there is a great balcony outside where you can sit under the stars.  Seany joined us, landing his helicopter on the roof.

I think it was love at first sight for us as we all thought the apartment was a ‘must have’.   Drax came on-line later and I excitedly told him about the skybox and he  wanted to have a look.  Brie showed us two other types as well, they were all nice and you could keep the furniture or put your own in with 50 extra prims as well.  Drax decided there and then to rent one, which means lucky me will be able to go there without giving up my beach home and shop.  I’m really pleased for him it’s a fantastic apartment.

Hibiscus decided to rent one too and it was a good job that Drax and Hib got in early because within a day all 10 skyboxes were rented out, not bad going for Brie and Seany!  Another great aspect of it is that the West End club is only down the road so off we went to celebrate.  It was a best in nightwear competition last night and I cheated and didn’t get changed, but lots of the others looked good in their PJ’s, we all got a teddy bear each to hold too, which looked really funny.  It was my lucky night as I kept winning the sploder and Brie came over wearing her hair curlers to see if my luck would rub off on her!  I think Brie has lots of luck already, along with all the hard work she puts in, her and Seany look right on track with their new venture.

Week of Complete Madness!

April 8, 2010

There has been so much going on over the last week I’ve found it hard to keep up with things.  I suppose the main bit has been all the ‘goings on’ in the London sims with the re-organisation of staff there.  Brie and Seany left and didn’t waste any time, with amazing speed and organisation, they got together with TXBarb and Cutewillow and found a sim where, with friend Clive Hissop doing the building, they soon had a new club open and lots of shops rented out.  They all have such a wealth of experience that they knew exactly how to go about things and it looks like the club will be a great success.   It has left virtual Knightsbridge looking a little bit dead after the Underground club disappeared and they needed to get it back up and running as quickly as possible because it will be greatly missed there.  It isn’t a nice sight to see just an empty shell and I hope it soon returns to it’s former glory. 

There had been something going on with the rent of our shop in Kensington, for some reason it had increased without our knowing about it, they did say it was an error with the rental system, but maybe it is time for a change so I decided that I would take up Brie’s offer of a new shop on her sim.  I’m looking forward to doing it all up, we are still in Kensington too for a couple of weeks till the rent runs out  there.  It’s a shame as I liked the Kensington sim, but Brie’s shop is cheaper to rent, so it’s a good move.   I still love Kensington and will go back there regularly to see what’s going on and do some stories on it, TD Reinard had made it into a place of great SL beauty and very like the real Kensington.

It’s been lots of fun at the new club, it’s called ‘The West End Club’ and is already pulling big crowds.

We had our usual CNN meeting Tuesday night and there was more of us there for a change, but typically one lady wanted to talk about her project in SL and as Nicole didn’t have much time we never really got around to discussing much else.  Maybe Nicole needs to give people time slots to say their bit, it is difficult in SL though and you can’t really cut someone short who is determined to carry on using local chat if they still have a lot to say.  It seems some people only turn up if they want someone else to cover a story, I’m not sure, maybe she will write about it herself, who knows.

Surprise RezDay Party But Tinged With Sadness

April 1, 2010

My Rez Day had been and gone quietly enough, I’d told Hibiscus that I didn’t want any fuss, any presents or a party, I know they love to do those down at the Underground Club in Knightsbridge, so I thought that was it.  Hib sent me a lovely card though, that she had made herself, she is getting good at making things!  Friend Eliza who had her RezDay a couple of days before me did send me a present, a gorgeous rabbit to cuddle, whose nose actually twitches!  Thank you Eliza, but very naughty of you!!   Of course I didn’t reckon with Ed, he found out after the day and I told him I didn’t do presents, but he wasn’t to be put off and sent me a wonderful painting, thank you Ed!  Last night Ed seemed in a hurry to get to the Underground Club, I wanted to get over there too, as it was my friend Brie Janick’s last night to dj before her and her fiance Seany leave the London sims.  I didn’t want to miss Brie’s last time as dj, it has all been so sad, her job in the London sims, along with Seany’s post have been made untenable because of the politics going on there.  Brie and Seany don’t want to leave London, but left with little choice they are being loyal to the end and finishing their schedules.  Seany will dj on Friday, his final night.  Hibiscus was to join us later as Ed and I headed towards the club and I got the shock of my life when I walked in, Ed and Brie had  arranged a party for me and kept very quiet about it.  It was lovely, everyone wishing me a happy belated rez day and I had a really good night. 

Brie looked great as she dj’d and as usual she gave her bubbly friendly patter between the music, Seany danced just in front of the stage and you could feel the love in the room for them both, people are really upset to lose these two, one guy, and I won’t name him in case he joins the ban list, wore a billboard expressing his thoughts on the way things have been done.

We saw Das Wade and Cleo Charleville there, they hadn’t been in SL for a while, but they came to see Brie and that was lovely, all these people are friends for life and enjoy being part of a community.  I was proud to share my RezDay celebrations with Brie, it was her day really and when she finally broke down in tears near the end, we all wanted to cry with her.  Of course, she won’t see the back of us, as I pointed out to her, she will have a job shaking us lot off!!