Dance of the CNN ireporters and the Seven Veils Plus Torley Linden

July 16, 2010

I had a chance meeting with one of the famous Lindens yesterday, as I explored the stuff in showcase I saw a new entry for Book Island and teleported over there.  I must have been one of the first to arrive as the place was deserted.  Then on my radar I saw Torley Linden was standing not too far from where I was, so I headed over to say hello!  It was the first time I had seen him and he looked very colourful in his bright clothes.  Torley seemed to be afk at first when I said Hi, and then I asked if I could take his picture, I said ‘Hi Torley I’m being a nuisance sorry!”  He was very nice, he said “Oh it’s okay thanks Janey! friendly greetings to you :D, that’s so nice of ya, I’m just hanging out and testing stuff”  With that he told me I could take as many pictures as I wanted and asked if I wanted him to stand closer. On impulse I wrote about my meeting with Torley for CNN, it’s not every day you meet such a highly regarded member of Lindens Labs and he was so friendly! Nice to meet you Torley!!

I’m not sure we hadn’t all been on the vino on Tuesday night at the CNN meetings, I’d dropped into the earlier meeting  with Henry Hanks and one of the other members of the group seemed to be talking politics all the time, so I’m not sure which way the discussion was supposed to be going, Henry is off now till August anyways, so I hope he has a nice break.  I went to Nicole’s meeting later on and she was in very high spirits, in fact Nicole suggested we have a dance while the meeting was going on, and it was comical to watch.  I passed Nicole the Michael Jackson dance ao and then decided to join in as did Hibiscus and Ed.  A girl arrived right in the middle of things and I think she thought we were completely off our trolleys, but it was fun, and strangely enough we got some good ground covered with the topics this week.

There was lots going on last night as it was Amourette’s Rez Day party and she wanted everyone to dress in  Belly Dancing costumes.  It was fun dressing up in something different and when I got there the crowd all looked great, Am looked terrific!  It turned out to be one of the guy’s Rez days too, so we congratulated both Am and Spadylexy.

I got a costume from Barerose for the party and I was very pleased with it, looks like I’ll have to find a camel to go trekking across the desert to wear it again, but it was a lovely evening!

The party finished at 10pm (Uk) and then I got a message from Pink that there was a Bikers evening at the West End Club.  It was quick change from me, Hibiscus and Ed and we went over there.  Dj Seany was putting on some really good rock ‘n roll music and we had a brilliant time, the club looked amazing! Phew, think it’s an early night for me tonight!!


Global Love Day and Down at the Car Lot!

May 1, 2010

Did you know it’s Global Love Day today?  Well it’s a nice idea and the people who run the Love Foundation have brought Global Love Day into SL for the first time, it’s been running for 7 years in real life.  I had a call from Lady Krimmer and she wanted me to meet Eric Evermore (Eric Grant) from the foundation.  Eric IM me and I went on over to their island sim that they have created for today’s events.  There I met Eric and the founder and President Horace W Becker (HB Eternal).  They were already dancing and enjoying themselves, I also met Philip McGillivary, Rick Zackerly, Fleur Feila, Deborealis Messioptra, Kristi Losaberidze and trevor Rufus.  What a lovely bunch of people, they made me very welcome.  Erik, HB and Deb were fairly new and I think they were having a good time finding how to get around.  They plan a big party for today to celebrate Global Love Day, there are many countries involved and it’s a day to spread your love to people all over the world.  It starts at 8am (PDT) till 8pm (PDT), so you can drop in over the 12 hour period and meet them all.  Read all about it at

On Tuesday Ed and I headed over to the CNN meeting and Nicole decided to hold the meeting in the car lot for a change.  The funny thing is that the cars all look really nice and you might have thought, well I’ll just sit in this one for the meeting, as Ed tried to do, and he got the nasty message saying  ‘This isn’t your car’ whilst being thrown out.

I don’t think Nicole had seen it happen to Ed and she tried to sit in one of the cars too  and I just managed to see her flying through the air, but I wasn’t quick enough to get a picture, you would think that CNN would at least let their own people have permissions to sit in the cars!  She ended up sitting daintily on the roof of a car and we all sat on them too avoiding the poseballs.  Kake seem to have got into the actual seat, but was sitting sideways, so he cleverly never got ejected.

It was quite a good meeting as there were a few people there and the car lot made a change from the arena meeting area.

Meeting Nice People and Looking Around

April 24, 2010

The week seemed to fly past and once again we were at the CNN meeting with Nicole the CNN Producer.  Hibiscus, Ed, Latok, Kiko, Ernest, Vickie and Kake, who I hadn’t seen for a little while, were all there.  Kiko had been writing interesting articles about Geisha’s in SL and Nicole thought it would be a good idea if we all travelled over to see the sim, Little Yoshiwara for ourselves.  It was quite a party as the kind ladies of the sim showed us around, we were invited into the tea rooms to listen and ask questions about the Geisha customs.

Later in the week I went off exploring and landed in a romantic sim called the Duche de Coeur, it’s a really nice 17th Century village and just as I started to look around I met Charles Bamboo who came over to say hello.  Charles looked very handsome in his baroque outfit and he told me that he lived in the sim with his wife Summer Serendipity.  Charles was very happy to be part of the community there, and he showed me his blog which included a lovely film of him and Summer.  Summer joined us and I was stunned by her beauty, she had the most gorgeous dress, and her hair was amazing.  I asked if I could take some pictures of them and they said I could.  Charles asked me to come back and visit their house and I will be pleased to accept the invitation. Nice to meet you Charles and Summer!

I had a message from Headburro and he told me about his new log cabin he had built, and going by the pictures he sent me, it looked great, I always thought Head would be a brilliant builder and I don’t think I’m wrong!!  I met up with Drax and we decided to go over and look at  Steelhead near where Head lives.  It is a very nice sim, with lots of places to explore.  We actually landed near Head’s cabin and it was very picturesque, nestling into the hillside near a fast running river.  We will wait to meet up with Head and ask him to give us a grand tour if thats ok by him.

Finally my good friend Eliza popped into our London shop and it was nice to see her, Eliza is expecting a baby and looked very pretty with her little bump.  Congratulations Eliza, you will make a lovely SL Mum!!

CNN Repoter Nicole’s Dance And Travelling By Helicopter!

September 4, 2009

It must be pretty hard for the CNN reporters Nicole Saidi and Henry Hanks to take the in-world meetings seriously sometimes.  After all they are not really SL’ers as such, they just come in as part of their job, so perhaps the lunacy of the avatars must be a bit strange for them at times.  Nicole took the Tuesday meeting this week and there were a few of the regulars there to hear about articles that have been reported on and what is of interest for the next few days.  As we talked we were joined by a couple of new people who did not sit down with the rest of us, but hovered overhead.  As Nicole tried to start the meeting one of them came down and started to dance in front of her and I have no idea what Nicole must have thought, more nutter avatars no doubt!!  Well she surprised me, she went right along with it, while I sat there thinking how rude the person was to do this to her, she said she would dance as well and invited any of us to join in.  We just watched, but it was so funny to see Nicole dancing around and even doing the splits at one stage.  I questioned the dancing man a bit, but he wasn’t saying much, they did give us a video link to watch, but it may have been better if they had just come along to the meeting to tell us what they wanted instead of griefing poor Nicole.  Well I say poor Nicole, she did really well and wasn’t going to be put off.  I expect when she logged off back into the real world she thought to herself ‘what the hell was all that about’  I wonder too as it happens!!



In SL Chelsea where I have my apartment, the Jazz Club across the road has a helicopter on the roof that anyone can fly if they want to.  I took it out the other day and was not very good with it.  I tried it again this morning and found I could control it a lot better.



Like SL Chelsea manager Rails Bailey says, (who put the copter there), it’s a quick way of getting around the sims, and it is.  Ok you still have the sim crossings to contend with, the out of control bit where you are pulled across the new sim and then dragged back before proceeding, but you can safely cross with the copter and it’s a lot of fun.   I even got good and landed it on the top of my apartment block before docking it back down on the Jazz Club landing area.



I wonder if I can talk Hibiscus into coming for a spin in it with me, I know how much she loves being a passenger in my car, so I expect she will jump at the chance to fly with me!!



I came back down through the Jazz Club and was surprised to see they have taken up the nice red carpet that they had down.  I wonder why, perhaps there were problems, but it’s a shame as it was dead posh before.  It will be nice when they get their times sorted out as well, as it’s set in SL London, all us Londoners are missing out so far, as all the Jazz Club sessions seem to be set in the middle of the night for us.  If they left some great music playing like the romantic stuff by Ella Fitzgerald and Frank Sinatra in between the dj events, I’m sure people would still go along for a dance whatever time of day or night.  It’s a nice venue and brand new so I hope they do well!!

Crowd At CNN With Special Visitor

August 5, 2009

It had been a busy night last night, I was writing a couple of articles and editing some photos ready for the Trilogy blog and Virtually London (lite) and it was also the evening for the CNN meeting as well.  Just before that I had seen a group IM asking for someone to help with a couple of griefers over at the UGC, so I dashed over there to see what was happening, nosy as ever!!  I couldn’t take a picture as there was an av running about nude with a big attachment, but I arrived in time to see DJ Mike booting the guy out of the sim, he did come back once, but Mike booted him again and this time he stayed away!

I went over to the CNN meeting and met Hibiscus who was already there and Nicole the CNN reporter had already arrived as well. 



To my surprise there were over 20 people there with others still arriving.  I think Nicole was quite surprised and also she suddenly spotted one of the audience had a Linden tag.  It was Christa Linden who had come to sit in, she told Nicole she was part of the marketing group in the Linden Labs and she sat taking some pictures while she was there.  The meeting went ok with quite a few people asking bits and pieces and at the end when Nicole had gone I asked Christa if she had anything we could report on and she mentioned the SL conference coming up shortly.  Silly me, I forgot to ask her for one of her bears, it was only Drax asking me later if I had got a bear that made me think of it, I missed my chance there!   After the meeting I found myself a great little coffee bar in Chelsea to sit in and finish my writing and I managed to get it all done.



Do It Yourself CNN Meeting!!

June 16, 2009

I logged onto SL tonight with my evening planned, I dropped into the office and did a bit of picture editing, then thought I would go to the club for half an hour to have a dance before the CNN meeting.  Well I should have stayed at the club!!  There was some chat in the messages asking if the meeting was going ahead and a few of us decided to go over to CNN island anyway.  I’m not sure if they had an earlier meeting with reporter Henry, but no one left a message saying the meeting had been cancelled.  Anyway, there were six of us there and Vickie took centre stage, but for some reason she was walking on the spot again, she has done this a couple fo times before and says she looks normal on her screen.  Anyway Nicole never turned up but it was quite a lively discussion anyway.  Latok turned up with a funny little Martian av and it did look funny when she was typing as her head wobbled!!  I threatened to put a post on CNN about how we were abandoned, but I won’t, as there is probably good reason for CNN’s absence.  Went back to the club with Hib later on for a dance and then said goodnight to everyone!!




CNN Aerdrome Outing!

April 29, 2009

It was a bit of a lively CNN meeting last night, gradually people arrived and quite a few including Nicole, the CNN reporter, use voice now and I’m not sure if this is good or bad, as you get mics breaking up a bit, or people who talk more than others, but then you always had that problem with text chat with everyone chipping in.  One of the guys who arrived said he was making a video of the meeting and wanted to interview Nicole and Henry the other real reporter.  I will be interested to see if this happens, as I’m not sure they would want to do an interview with ireporters.  The guy, Jason,  hasn’t even been in SL very long, and I’m not saying he shouldn’t go for it, because if thats what he wants to do, that’s fine, but will the real reporters agree to being interviewed by someone who is a complete novice at SL and reporting,  I can’t wait to see if they agree and what it turns out like!  I’m also looking forward to his video that he said he was filming.  We all went off to Abbotts Aerdrome halfway through the meeting, well a few of us did, and Nicole told us all to look around with a view to doing some ireports.




I looked around and plonked myself into a couple of nice planes there, to be honest it’s not my sort of thing, but it’s very well done and the models are lovely, I bet a lot of people enjoy themselves who go there.  I can imagine a lot of the men avatars would really like it.



One of the good things at the Aerdrome is the SkyDive platform.  I’ve done skydiving before and got my terrachute on all ready, took off on the platform, then couldn’t remember the word you have to type in chat to get the chute to open, silly me!!! started plummeting to virtual earth at a high speed.  Cheated though and touched my Fly button, so landed softly among all the others without making a complete fool of myself!! don’t think they noticed, hehe!!