Newbie Greeters and Furniture shopping

November 28, 2008

The newbies are arriving thick and fast into SL, and SL London seems one of the prime targets.  I sometimes go over for a few minutes to see what is happening and its a tiring job answering the same questions over and over, but the London team are good at it, so patient and I watched Brie Janick and her SL husband Seany1235 Blinker doing their bit.  Debs was there as well and she has a lovely sense of humour, she dressed as the queen to welcome them.  Well it’s her sim and it’s a wonderful place for newbies to start out. 



Hibiscus joined us and we all stood there chatting as one of the newbies spoke in voice and it was clear that he was well under age.  Brie was so good at handling the situation, giving him advice but telling him he should be on the teen grid, he went away quite happily in the end.  Then another av appeared with a gun, usual sort of thing! anyway Brie and Seany once again got rid of him without any fuss, they are well used to patrolling the sim. 



Hib and I went off shopping afterwards, we had to get some new furniture for the office as the whole building has been re done, and its beautiful thanks to Nikk Huet whose creation it is.  The rampant newbies are everywhere though even at the shops, the media saying that SL is a sex den is still drawing them in.  I saw two av’s at it (yes I do mean at it!! and she had no clothes on and he had his bits attached!) in the middle of the furniture store.  Trouble is as well they were a few days old and looked so scary with their prim hair and horrible skins.  As me and Hib were looking at the sofas a nude male av came over to us and I told him to go away and he did, he looked dead daft as well.  We carried on shopping and decided on a pair of temporary sofas for now, but they are quite nice and only two prims again, the same as I have in the apartment, only these are light grey and the others are a tan leather colour.  We will look for some better ones for the office though to match the nice desks and other bits there.




Surprise Wedding in Murray!!

November 26, 2008

We all knew they were a lovely couple, Rubi Hawker and Stefanos Barzane, and that they had planned to get married in sl one day.  Well I had gone to my CNN meeting last night and the topic was about weddings in sl, funny enough!!  Then I got IM’s from Captive and Tah telling me that Rubi and Stef were getting married at that very moment!!  My head was buzzing anyway as I was saying my bit at the meeting about a report I had posted and I said I am sorry I can’t come!!  What was I thinking of!  missing the two nicest people in SL’s wedding! Ruskin and Stef IM me as well as I quickly told reporter Nicole I had to leave and off I went without even changing my clothes, I was in such a hurry!  I am so glad I went, Stef had been right to pick Murray for their wedding, it added a touch of romance and the setting with the sunset is beautiful.  Luckily most of the Murray gang had made it and I hope they have a very happy future together.  I quickly put the story on CNN as well last night, so I hope they don’t mind  Here’s some photos, which Murray full of lag, were quite hard to get, sorry everyone if I was a bit quiet as I was snapping away!!  Congratulations to you both Rubi and Stef!!!









Newbie Mania in SL London

November 25, 2008

After all the bad press SL has been getting since the article on the divorced SL couple, there seems to be newbies everywhere you go.  I went to a store the other day and there was a newbie swearing and cursing in ‘voice’ and walking up to all the girls asking for a ‘good time’.  He got largely ignored by everyone until another guy felt sorry for him and decided to take him under his wing, telling him that this was not the right place for that sort of thing.  On witnessing that sort of stuff though, it makes you realise that most of the people in SL are behaving themselves and just enjoying shopping and chatting, as these sort of people do stand out, the ones who act like morons.

Well just this week, LS Knightsbridge has seen loads of newbies arriving, as it is the gateway for people who live in real life London, so they come straight in after Help Island.  It’s quite nice helping newbies, but lots of them are arriving and hitting on the girls and even the boys who reside in the virtual Capital.  It must be due to the newspapers painting such a sex driven description of SL.  They just arrive wanting to know what it’s all about and how they ‘play’ the game.  You get them walking up to girls and saying ” ‘Sup Baby?” and really inviting lines like that!  It’s a novelty at first, but as someone pointed out the the Virtually London (Lite) comments today, that’s not what they are in the game for, to teach newbies, and I can see their point.  There have been mentors at the site, which is great, and probably in a week or two things will settle down.  Hopefully the newbies too will get a proper Second Life and start exploring all the wonderful things in the virtual world.


Another awkward point about newbies is the fact that if you do help them a little with the basic stuff, they instantly offer friendship, how come they all know how to do that when they know nothing else?  I am honest with them now and just tell them no, they may take offence, but it’s better to get it over and done with.  I do say sorry that I only put people on that I have known for a while and hope they settle for that.

Drax came over for a chat later on and I was telling him all about the newbies, he told me he had been hit on as well by the girls, blimey what have these newspapers done printing such an unbalanced story.


Meet the Beautiful People of SL

November 20, 2008

A quick reminder that the grand opening of Cher’s flagship store is tomorrow night at 1pm SLT.  Make sure you get there in plenty of time.  As well as fantastic top SL singer Maximillion Kleene there are many of SL’s beautiful people attending, VIPs who are the style gurus and leading publishers of the entire virtual world.  See you there at Seraphim for a night to remember!!!


CNN Film and Ice Rink in SL Mayfair

November 20, 2008

The CNN meeting was a little different on Tuesday, it was nice to see reporter Henry back and he took the meeting.  He introduced us to another real life reporter called Errol (Errol being his real name as well as his avs’), who is their reporter based in the UK.  Nicole arrived as well, and as we had the usual weekly discussion, we saw that Nicole and Errol were walking and flying all round the outside of the arena and not sitting with us.  It turned out that they were filming the meeting, Errol runs a program on CNN TV about ireports for showing in Europe, so it looks like we may be featured on there. CNN have been in SL for a year now, so it may be to mark their birthday in the virtial world.


Drax came over yesterday to see the start of my Christmas decorations in the appartment (I’ve bought a couple of Christmas trees and put some lights up so far!).  Then I took him over to show him the ice rink that they had set up in SL Mayfair, it’s very pretty and they have lots of snow falling down to make it feel like winter.



We met SL London Manager Seany for a chat and he showed us the new Underground Club tee shirts with the Cher’s Logo on.  The tee shirt and some lovely dresses for the girls, also bearing the logo, are the new uniforms for the Club and are designed by nils Tomorrow who had done a lovely job with them.


Opening Night for Cher’s Fabulous New Store.

November 18, 2008

Cher has become a top designer in SL, having Fashion Houses throughout the grid, including the classy London sims.  I am pleased to say that Cher is opening an even bigger store this Friday at Seraphim.  The official opening on the 21 November will be at 1pm SLT.  Cher has asked the fantastic singer Maximillion Kleene along to give a live performance, so be sure to get there early, as Max always fills the sims whenever he makes an appearance.  Cher was sporting a new hairstyle when I saw him, and he looks absolutely like a top designer should look, nice one Cher! you are right you do look hot!


Cher asked me over for a preview to see the store and it was nice to see Ruskin as well, as he has been away from sl for a few days.  The store is looking brilliant and I am pleased to say that Cher has introduced a new furniture range, very modern cutting edge stuff.  He has also brought back his kitchen range (of which I am the proud owner of one his red kitchens in the Chelsea apartment).  One kitchen in particular caught my eye though, it was all in black and really very very nice.



Treasure came on line and joined us and she looks around admiring the furniture as well.  The ‘Hello’ range of menswear by Cher is going to take sl by storm, it’s a fresh new look for guys, who badly need some good places to shop in the virtual world.


So don’t forget to go to see the grand opening on Friday, the London team are also going along to enjoy the evening.

While I am at it, just to let you know that I have put a story on CNN about the amazing party Hibiscus and I went to for Kirk Claymore’s rezday which is at and you can also catch one of my stories that has been linked to the main CNN page this week because of the press coverage about the sl couple who are getting divorced in real life.  Because of the Linking my story on Anger has received thousands of hits to which I am grateful to CNN for making the link.  Anger story is at