Fun at the Beach Party

I’ve been to so many Christmas parties so far that when friend Brie Janick and husband Seany1235 Blinker sent out an invitation to a beach party at their wonderful home it came as a nice surprise.  We just needed something different to take our minds off of all the freezing cold snowy weather in real life!  I had been shopping at Pixel Dolls earlier in the day, they had a fantastic sale on.  I bought a little dress that could easily pass as a beach dress, so I put that on and went over to Brie and Seany’s place. 

Brie looked as classy as ever in her lovely navy and white outfit and everyone was already having a great time.

Drax, Hibiscus and Ed came over too and lots of our friends were there, as Brie played some great music. 

Brie told us to wander around and have a look at her new house, it was really beautiful, she is so clever at interior design and there is so much detail everywhere.  Loved your house Brie and Seany and thank you for a fantastic party!!


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