100 Stories on CNN!!

I reached a bit of a milestone the other day, my 100th story on the CNN’s ireport site, I put my 101st story on today (SL London Includes Soho Sex Trade Area).   My friend and fellow writer Hibiscus Hastings and I had been pioneers in respect of ireports, as we were among the few who got stories put on the first official CNN ireport page when it stopped being Beta, we had been putting stuff on the Beta pages too when CNN had been trying it all out and there were only a handful of us in those days who were ireporters.  Now there are nearly 27,000 ireporters worldwide.  It was dead scary too, as we had no access to edit our work once it was uploaded and I remember desperately emailing the real CNN reporters Tyson and Nicole put right the odd typos I had made. 

101 one

It’s been a great journey for me, interviewing lots of really nice, clever and interesting people.  Covering the first American Congress meeting ever to be held in SL down to funny wacky stories that I find so amusing.  I couldn’t have done it without support from my friends, Hibiscus Hastings and Drax Ember, who are always there to encourage me to carry on and calm me down when people drive me nuts!!!   Plus the CNN reporters Nicole and Henry who keep us going at the meetings each week. 101 two

You meet so many different types of people in SL from all walks of life, all ages, all nationalities, all with different ideas that make the whole thing so fascinating!  I’ve had many ups and downs, more ups than downs though, people who just want to get written about or their stuff promoted, people who alter history like Schmonson Dalglish (artist Paul Batt, see Fine American Art Makes History) and not forgetting nuisance people who spout off in public then make a big fuss when you quote what they forced everyone to listen to.  It’s been an enjoyable ride and writing is a thing I can’t get enough of, so I hope I will be telling SL stories for some time yet!!

101 three


4 Responses to 100 Stories on CNN!!

  1. Hibiscus Hastings says:

    Hi Janey, congratulations! That really is a milestone, I bet you never imagined being at this point, especially when we think back to the early days. You have covered so many interesting and important stories, as you said SL is a diverse and fascinating place. Best wishes, will look forward to reading more of your reports.

  2. Hi Hib,

    Thanks, it’s nice that we made this journey together and I look forward to reading your articles with the same excitement as I did at the beginning! It’s hard to imagine how many ireporters there are now and they are still growing, it’s a truely amazing concept in reporting news both in SL and real life and at least we saw the start of it.

  3. Drax Ember says:


    You must be so very proud to haved reached this milestone! CNN is lucky to have such a talented wirter contributing to their site. And I am lucky to know you!!!!

  4. Awww thank you Drax, it’s the opposite in fact, I am so lucky to know you!!

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